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Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing the mind, habits and behaviors. Many people come see me often after they have tried everything else, for quitting smoking, eliminating poor eating habits, fears, stress, procrastination etc.; often for sleep and pain issues; to achieve focus, concentration, motivation and peak performance; and to let go of the past!

Utilizing the power of your own mind, you can release mental blocks, self-limiting beliefs, old traumas and experience your life to the full! …to feel and look and to be your best!  We use hypnosis, and other FAST, safe and natural tools and techniques, most of which are evidence based.

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Hours of Operation Tuesday – Thursday 5:30pm – 9:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm. Occasional Sundays.  By appointment only.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“I’m smoke-free after 40+ years of smoking more than 3 pack of cigarettes a day! I can breathe better and I’m telling all my friends!” UPDATE: Still smoke free as of 5/2/16 – nearly 4 months later.”
Valerie, Smoking Cessation
“I learned a skill that I can use for life – gaining a sense of calm at any time. Racquel helped me to understand my issue, not just the MRI issue I came in for..she helped me to release a lot of angst.”
Amy, Fear of MRI
“I Lost 12.5 pounds (in 3 weeks)
..It is working.”
Eric, Weight Control

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