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My name is Racquel Knight and I’m the owner of Hypnosis Columbia. Here at Hypnosis Columbia, we can help you to change old patterns of thinking & behavior AND create newer, healthier patterns! Because we work at the subconscious program level, the changes are usually long-lasting or permanent! Take advantage of our January offerings today.  Take 10% off all our regular sessions & come in for a wonderful Stress & Anxiety Relief Session for $97 (1 hour session).  Schedule your in-office or on-line appointment now!

Racquel Knight, Certified Hypnotist 
Owner, Hypnosis Columbia

racquel knight hypnosis columbia

We can help you to…

  • Connect, Grow & Heal Body & Mind
  • Restore Personal Power & Self-worth
  • Reduce Stress, Worry & Anxiety
  • Quit Smoking & Lose Weight
  • Conquer Your Fears & Phobias
  • Increase Calm & Sleep Better
  • Eliminate Unhealthy Habits
  • Reduce Pain & Medical Symptoms
  • Experience Joy & Peace in Your Life
  • And much, much more!

Business Hours

Monday through Saturday varied hours

Military & Veterans, etc.

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