Exploring Age Regression Hypnosis and Sending Resources to Your Younger Self

5:30pm – 7:30pm



Getting Through Tough Times – Shared Wisdom & Some Hypnosis & NLP Tools

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Rare Recordings and Methods of Dave Elman – TBD IN 2018

Instructors: Larry and Cheryl Elman (son and daughter-in-law of Dave Elman)

Dave Elman, 1900-1967


Dave Elman was one of the most influential hypnotists of the 20th Century and the Dave Elman rapid induction is one of the most widely taught inductions in the world. It can bring a deep state of hypnosis VERY fast. At one point, Dave Elman required his students to learn to do the technique in 1 minute! Elman taught hypnosis to more physicians and dentists than anyone before him and possibly since. Elman made many recordings of personal sessions with patients, classes, and this course introduces the student to many of these, some very rare, sessions.

While many trainers have taught the Dave Elman technique, read his book “Hypnotherapy,” many people have never heard his voice. This class has been designed to introduce the student to the myriad recordings that Dave Elman produced. Case studies include a stuttering man whose problem began when he was about  3 years old when he was y disciplined by his alcoholic father.  Another case involves a student-physician performing a Dave Elman Induction in 58 seconds. Other recordings include waking hypnosis with children, a pregnant woman and an injured person.

While this course can be enjoyed by ANYONE, much of the discussion presumes some hypnosis experience. Not only will this course involve listening to Elman’s work and lectures, it will be augmented beautifully with Larry’s memories of his father and insights. Discussions and practice will be encouraged.

You will enjoy this course!