My clients lose weight! The Virtual Gastric Band technique is a way of training the mind to eat less, be mindful of food portions, and to lose weight without fad diets. It is lasting weight loss because retraining the mind is coupled with teaching new habits, and increasing your motivation to exercise.  Lisa, a recent client, came to my office and lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  She told me, “I can’t believe I don’t have any more cravings for sugar or sweets.” Call me today to schedule your consultation (443) 686-9645.

Learn About the Virtual Gastric Band

57 pounds in 6 months


“It changed my life.”

31 pounds in 8 weeks


“I feel like a new person.”

10 pounds in 3 weeks


“I can’t believe I don’t have any more cravings”

12 pounds in 3 weeks


“I finally have hope, nothing else worked!”

14 pounds in 3 weeks


“I can’t believe how easy it was.”

18 pounds in 5 weeks


“I haven’t felt better in years.”

What’s it all about?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-invasive, remarkable, drug free, natural weight loss program created by Sheila Granger of the United Kingdom. The program is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. You may have heard about the Virtual Gastric Band on Fox News, CBS News or on Doctor Oz. This protocol has taken the world by storm!

Feel Great and Look Good!!

This is not a diet, there, there is no counting calories or points! You can eat whatever you want. This program uses a non-surgical technique and the power of hypnosis to train your brain to believe that your stomach is much smaller than it actually is so that you are completely satisfied on very small amounts of food. It’s nearly effortless and it IS amazing.

Yes, it works!?

At least two clinical studies showed that the Virtual Gastric Band had a 97% success rate in helping clients lose a significant amount of weight. The average weight loss during the first week for those participating in the clinical studies was 7 lbs. Yes, it can work for you as well! Create a new normal for yourself, release the weight for good! 

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Would YOU like to lose weight EASILY, with no diets, no drugs, no feelings of deprivation,
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our most popular program is the Virtual Gastric Band. Customized to your needs, we use
a proven protocol that works for long term, permanent habit change and weight reduction!
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