PROMOTIONS – Thru August 15th!

Includes Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Workbook,
Daily Listener MP3, Self-hypnosis instruction and so much more!
FOUR sessions –  $699 NOW $649
SIX sessions    – $899  NOW $809


Three sessions. Freedom from cravings, comfortable release of that old habit! Quit on 1st or 2nd session and come in for one more session as you wish within one year. First session 2-2.5 hours; follow-on sessions average 60-80 minutes (sometimes up to 90). Freedom can be yours!  Telephone consultation required. Call now for your free 30-minute phone consult! (443) 686-9645


For rapid change, for creating new habits, new ways of thinking, feeling and being. Release old programs and self-limiting beliefs, pain, medical issues, fears, stress & create a healthier, happier YOU!

Intake Session (up to 2 hrs) – $195 per session 

Regular (pay as you go) Sessions (up to 60-80 mins) – $165 per session 

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Purchase One of the Packages Below and Save $$$. All sessions below include the $195 Intake. 


TWO SESSION PACKAGE – $345 (Save $15)
TWO powerful hypnosis sessions! Great for jump starting your weight loss! Eradicating sugar cravings! Releasing stress! Rebooting!

BRONZE PACKAGE – $485 (Save $50)

THREE powerful hypnosis sessions. Self-hypnosis training included. Great for SUGAR RELEASE!  Jump-starting your weight reduction, habit change, confidence, peak performance, public speaking, releasing fears, etc.  ($195/$145)

 SILVER PACKAGE – $600 (Save $90)
FOUR powerful hypnosis sessions. Self-hypnosis training included. Great for habit change, confidence, peak performance, public speaking, releasing fears, etc. ($195/$135)

GOLD PACKAGE – $845 (Save $175)
SIX powerful hypnosis sessions. Self-hypnosis sessions included. Ideal for habit change, confidence, releasing fears ongoing or multiple issues. ($195/$130)


TWO sessions (optional third) – Regular $599  Now $549

Includes Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Workbook & MP3 ($50 value)
Self-hypnosis instruction and so much more!
FOUR sessions –  
$699 Now – $649
SIX sessions    – $899 – Now – $809

Call now for your free consult – (443) 686-9645 – for special programs above!


This a relapse prevention program. We may need a medical referral. Based on neuroscience, we can help you to reprogram your mind for success! You learn to love life, give up the self-limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors that had been holding you back from living your life happy, healthy and free. We go to root causes, remove emotional and mental blocks,  you experience self-forgiveness and other forgiveness work (if that is what is called for), neutralize triggers and help you to live a life of purpose, confidence, and free from substances.  And, this happens relatively quickly.  How does it work? First, we require an initial consultation, followed by approximately 6 to 15 hypnosis sessions over a 4-6 week period (sometimes we may be able to conduct a 3-4 day intensive program), telephone and email support, self-hypnosis MP3s, stress management tools, and much more! Contact us now for more information. No, you do not have TO BE SICK or go to meetings the rest of your life! 

Start your new life now! Strong, healthy, happy, in control and FREE!  

Rates vary. Call now for your free consult – (443) 686-9645!


For any and all packages above, and for scheduling your first appointment, we require a credit card to hold the appointment and for our files.  In lieu of the credit card information, you may put down a deposit equivalent to the cost of the intake session ($195). If for some reason you are unable to make your appointment, the deposit is refundable (minus credit card processing fee) if a minimum of 24 hours notice is provided. No refunds if 24 notice of cancellation not provided. You are responsible for full payment if you are a no-show or provide less than 24 hours notice. We usually have a waiting list and we appreciate your consideration for other people seeking help. Thank you for providing ample notice if you must reschedule.

Contact us now with any questions at (443) 686-9645.



Services and investment rates above are for one-on-one, client-centered, customized sessions. 

We require 24 hours notice in the event you must cancel an appointment (barring medical or weather emergencies), you may billed a THE FULL SESSION or a $75 rescheduling fee if applicable (this must be prearranged; no refunds if 24 hours NOT provided). 

We utilize hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness and many of the latest tools and techniques in neuroscience to help YOU to create the changes you desire. Our goal and mission here is to help you to achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective means possible. I believe in fostering trust, but I do not believe in fostering dependency. Therefore, I usually only see clients for 4-6 sessions. Some issues shorter, some longer; it depends on the YOU. We are client-focused, and will tailor our process to your needs. But, often compared to other forms of change work, hypnosis is very quick, very powerful, and very effective. While you will likely experience a change after the first session, changing neural networks (rewiring) requires repetition.

When you have the desire to change, the commitment, and you put in the effort, you will likely be amazed! I have had clients release shame they had been carrying around since childhood, give up compulsive behaviors, addictive patterns, and create and experience daily joy and peace, after a couple of sessions. YOU CAN TOO! While hypnosis is not magic, it is very powerful! I am always so thrilled to help people reach their goals!

We often require medical referrals or request that you provide consent to consult with your medical doctor, particularly if the issues are medical related: pain, addictions, etc.

Please contact me for any questions – (443) 686-9645.  Looking forward to helping YOU to reach your goals!



Complementary vs. alternative
While hypnosis/hypnotherapy has many beneficial effects, the services offered by Hypnosis Columbia are not intended to substitute for regular medical treatment, medication, professional counseling or psychological evaluation or treatment by a healthcare professional. We are meant to complement, not be an alternative to conventional medical treatment options. We help you to use your inherent abilities to feel better and to be more effective, we help you to rewire the habituated patterns of your brain, and to change your thinking and behaviors. We provide information, instruction, support and encouragement, coaching, guidance, and often homework. Sometimes a medical referral will be required prior to services.
Consulting Hypnosis services are not usually covered by medical insurance. However, you may wish to contact your individual insurance carrier for more information.Hypnosis Columbia requires payment prior to services rendered. We accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal. PayPal offers payment plan options. If you are HIGHLY motivated and money is an issue, please ask for a sliding scale fee, we may be able to accommodate.
Tax Credit
For smoking cessation and weight loss sessions, the IRS will give you a tax credit (better than a deduction since it comes off of what you owe) if you qualify. Remember to utilize the credit when completing your taxes!
Hypnosis Columbia protects your information and privacy. Sessions are held in the strictest of confidence. We do not share your information without your permission.
 Cancellation Policy
We require a 24 hour notice for an appointment cancellation or reschedule (barring medical or weather emergencies). If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you may be required to pay the full cost of one session (or relinquish one session of a prepaid package).

Hypnosis Columbia reserves the right to refuse services to anyone.

Rates may change at any time.