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I want to answer your questions and help you to create the best plan to be and feel your best! I offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation.
I work with adults, teens, children and groups. We will work together to help you to achieve success.
We offer a free 30-minute telephone consult. Rates vary depending on your goals. Please see our Rates and Specials page.

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Racquel Knight, CCH

We work with a broad spectrum of issues. Hypnosis and NLP work best when you are READY to do the work that leads to success. The process is a collaborative effort between you and your hypnotherapist. Both must be invested in your success.

Hypnosis has helped millions to transform their thinking patterns and behaviors to live healthier, happier lives! Free confidential 30-minute telephone consultation. Customized hypnosis sessions for a variety of issues.

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